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Aesthetic Gynecologist In Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Raheela Farooq is a Top Best certified Aesthetic Gynecologist in Lahore. Dr. Raheela Farooq main aims of her practice is  to help you achieve the desire aesthetic gyne results you have always wanted, with the best recovery possible. Needing to satisfy both facets of his personality, Dr Raheela Farooq was naturally drawn to cosmetic and aesthetic gynecology surgery where surgical precision and finesse could be appreciated equally along. Over the past several years She has become noted for his beautiful Aesthetic contour work and currently sees patients from across the country and around the world. She is particularly known for his very natural style of Hymenoplasty, Hymen repair surgery, Vaginoplasty, Vaginal tightening and virginity surgery in Lahore Pakistan. With her gentle hands, warm nature and level of skill, Dr Raheela Farooq is very popular amongst his patients


Hymenoplasty Lahore

Simple repair procedure: The technique involves restoration of hymen by joining together the fragments of hymen and closing the tear. The procedure is very simple and known as Hymneoplasty. The procedure should be performed at least three to seven days prior to the wedding date.

Vaginoplasty Lahore

A vaginoplasty brings the separate muscles together, and extra skin is removed. While the procedure can be done under local anesthesia, many opt to have it done under general anesthesia. Recovery from a vaginoplasty is one to two weeks, without tampons or intercourse for eight weeks.

Labiaplasty Lahore

Labiaplasty is a procedure that is to reduce the inner, non-hair- bearing lips of the female genitalia so that they don’t hang below the hair-bearing labia majora. Recovery time is typically a week, with a resumption of wearing tampons or having intercourse after four to six weeks.