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Well come to Dr. Raheela Farooq’s Website.She is among one of the top best gynecologists in Lahore.She thinks that women have a lot to say about their bodies and what they want to be cared for. As a gynecologist and obstetrician, she listens, informs, and support, making decisions together with her patients. She offers women a concept of comprehensive and natural care of their bodies. She got M.B,B.S from the Nishtar Medical College and FCPS ( Gynecology) from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan in 2015. She got training at the Jinnah Hospital Lahore. She did the Diploma of  Aesthetics Gynecology Speciality from the USA. She has been practicing gynecology and obstetrics in Lahore for more than 10 years.

Her vocation for the integral care of women has led her to alternative medicine and unconventional therapies.  She understands that the quality of  work depends on continued training. She participates and attends numerous courses and activities, especially related to reproductive medicine and infertility, natural childbirth, endoscopic surgery, n atural therapies, gynecological homeopathy and homeopathy for childbirth, anthroposophical medicine.

She a permanent member of the Pakistan Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics ( SOGP ), the Pakistan Society of Fertility, the Pakistan Association of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy, and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine ( ASRM ).

In her professional activity  Dr. Raheela Farooq Best Gynecologist in Lahore practice in very diverse fields of gynecology and obstetrics, although with a special interest in comprehensive care for women. I would like to highlight natural childbirth and respected childbirth.

Dr. Raheela Rarooq has a firm commitment to natural and respected childbirth led me to create, together with other related professionals, the Natural Childbirth Unit in 2015

According to Dr. Raheela Farooq, Gynecological consultation does not have to be an unpleasant situation. She intends to provide for your greater well-being and comfort a physical and human space where you are as calm as possible, where you can communicate your doubts and problems with complete confidence.

Professionalism involves combining the technical and scientific knowledge of the specialty with the greatest delicacy in the treatment,  the goal is to make you feel cared for and confident, trying to solve your problem quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Best Gynecologist in Lahore | Gynecologist in johar town | Wapda town

Dr Raheela Farooq Best gynecologist in Johar town Lahore

In the gynecology department at Cosmoplast, We have a senior, Experience, and one of the top best Gynecologist in Lahore. Dr. Raheela Farooq,  who offer a professional service, backed by many years of experience in the field of Gyne at Jinnah Hospital Lahore, She will advise you and answer all your questions. At Cosmoplast  Private Clinic of Dr. Raheela Farooq  Where she offers you a team of gynecologists, highly qualified and with extensive professional experience.

If you have a gynecological review pending, do not hesitate to contact us, if you want information, or request an appointment directly.

Complete gynecological checkup

On the same day, we can carry out:

  • Clinical examination.
  • Breast ultrasound, abdominal and vaginal ultrasound, high-resolution obstetric ultrasound to monitor pregnancy.
  • Diagnosis of genital infections immediately with direct bacterioscopy and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections by rapid tests (15 minutes).
  • Diagnosis of abnormal uterine bleeding by ambulatory hysteroscopy.
  • Breast diagnosis.

Detection of human papillomavirus and annual vaginal cytology

All women should visit the gynecologist’s office once a year to perform a vaginal cytology. Cytology is part of the routine examination and provides us with information on infections and cellular alterations and early detection of uterine cancer.

In cytology samples are taken from the vagina, cervix and endocervical brushing, using a speculum, spatula and endocervical brush; All of these materials are disposable and single use.

Vaginal cytology is not painful and its results are in a week.

In case of suspicion of human papillomavirus infection, we can identify the viral strain and diagnose whether it is a high-risk or low-risk virus, for subsequent treatment and control. We have all the equipment to detect if they cause injuries to the cervix, vagina, vulva, penis and anus.

Colposcopy – Microhysteroscopy

Colposcopy is a procedure consisting in the microscopic observation of the epithelium of the cervix, vaginal walls, introitus and vulva, which allows to detect precancerous lesions with great precision.

The colposcopy does not cause pain or bleeding, it is performed in a few minutes, it is safe and, of course, it does not require hospitalization and after the study is completed, the patient can return home.

For the exam, no special preparation is required. You should not douche or have sexual intercourse in the 24 hours prior to the exam, or egg laying the 24 hours before, or be with menstruation. The study should be done:

  • Patients with abnormal Pap smear (ASCUS, or CIN / SIL) results
  • Control of patients with a history of human papillomavirus infection or cancer.
  • Patients with abnormal transvaginal bleeding.
  • Patients with discharge that cannot be cured with usual treatments.
  • Presence of externvaginal al injuries (warts, condylomas, ulcers, excoriations, …)
  • As a study prior to performing uterine operations.


For the diagnosis of any vaginal infection, we have a vaginal discharge with direct bacteroscopy, with vital methylene blue staining and potassium hydroxyl.

The results of the vaginal exudate are at the moment, being able to carry out the immediate treatment. You can also take culture, antibiogram, detection and typing of HPV (human papilloma virus)

Breast pathology

Annual check-up with high-resolution breast ultrasound, clinical review and, if necessary, FNA of nodules with ultrasound control for rapid diagnosis. Pathological studies with breast biopsy.


At Cosmoplast best gynecologist clinic in Lahore Dr Raheela Farooq perform the following gynecological tests:

Ultrasounds: gynecological and obstetric ultrasounds.

Cytologies: cytology (Pap), liquid medium cytology, HPV Oncotect and typing of HPV (human papilloma virus).

Biopsies: gynecological biopsies.

At Cosmoplast we treat, among others, the following diseases:

Cervical cancer: prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.

Vulvar cancer: diagnosis and treatment of vulvar cancer.

Vaginal cancer: diagnosis and treatment of vaginal cancer.

Ovarian cysts : diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts.

Fibroids: diagnosis and treatment of fibroids.

Breast tumor: diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors.

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